R Madhavan talks about his hatke movie choices 

R Madhavan was known to be a chocolate hero and the boy-next-door in his earlier films. But watch his movies today and the actor has surprised everyone with his choice of roles. In his recent films Savyasachi and Nishabdham, the actor has portrayed grey shades and the his fans have loved his performances in both.

R Madhavan

Speaking to Hyderabad Times about the appreciation he has received from his fans and how he’s sure that it won’t serve as a bad role model, he said, “Fans don’t replicate me when I beat up villains, so I’m sure they won’t replicate me if I kill someone on-screen either. (Laughs) Actors are role models for the way they are in real life, not for their characters on-screen.”

R Madhavan

Speaking to another daily, he said his focus has changed for the kind of roles he’s looking for since the lockdown, “Lockdown was not easy for me, just like anyone else really. A lot of people were dependent on me and I was worried as to how I would manage. But the idea was to keep doing the right thing.” He further added saying, “When it comes to the scripts too, I’m looking for stories that will make sense even after the pandemic, something that’ll make my audience smile instead of adding on to their worries. There’s a shift in the kind of content made in India right now, with many looking for more realistic content. Exciting times lie ahead!”

R Madhavan will be next seen in Nambi Narayanan biopic titled Rocketry.