Ray J Reveals His Thoughts On Marriage Therapy Following Split With Princess Love

Ray J appeared on The Real this week where he touched on marriage counseling and why he and Princess Love never chose to go that route. The star said to the co-hosts of the program that it felt more like a “hustle” to him and “it wasn’t good.”

The 39-year-old says he thought it would quickly become “one-sided.” The performing artist went on to say that maybe he and Princess Love do need to get some counseling. Amid his divorce with Princess Love, Jeannie Mai asked Ray J if he had ever considered going to therapy.

Ray J said he would because he and Princess Love recently spent some time together with his mother and her friends and it was a “good vibe.” There was a moment where Ray J said he was really reflecting on how good it was.

While he admitted it may be a good idea, Ray J appeared to insinuate that counseling would help more for fixing the consequences of their divorce rather than their recently disintegrated marriage. For Ray J, it’s all about his kids, and if going to counseling would help them, he’ll do it.

In case you missed it, Ray J and Princess Love announced they were separating earlier this year after realizing they no longer wanted to be married anymore. A source who spoke with Page Six said they were hoping it could remain amicable.

Ray J asked for custody of their two children together, Melody Love, and Epik Ray. In recent news, Ray J was in the headlines when he reportedly admitted that his decision to divorce was a spontaneous one and it might’ve been an error.

During an episode of The Real, Ray J claimed Princess Love didn’t even know he was that serious about filing for divorce. In other words, she was probably just as shocked as their fans.

Ray J and Princess Love’s relationship has often been in the headlines for varying dramas, and some fans believe it’s for the best that they separated.