Razer peripherals and laptops are at all-time low prices for Prime Day

Over a dozen Razer products are at their lowest ever price on Amazon today. Products involved include some of our favorite keyboards and mice, along with laptops, mics, headsets, gamepads and mouse mats. As this is an Amazon Prime Day sale, you’ll need to be a Prime member in order to take advantage of the discounts.

On the keyboard side, there are great deals on the well-regarded BlackWidow and Huntsman mechanical lines, with the pick of the bunch so far being the BlackWidow Tournament Edition down to $70 from an RRP $140. It’s not uncommon to find the BlackWidow on sale in the $100 range, but such low prices as today are rare. The company’s Huntsman keyboards are also heavily discounted, both in standard and tenkeyless variations, with the best deal being the $80 full-size model. If mechanical switches aren’t important to you, there are a couple of RGB-laden membrane keyboards on sale also: The Cynosa and Ornata are down to $46 and $60, respectively. These cheaper keyboards aren’t all-time low prices, though, and honestly with the mechanical lines so heavily reduced we’d recommend holding off on the cheaper models unless you have a very restricted budget.