Razer’s $50 Seiren Mini microphone is ready for aspiring streamers

A quality microphone is important if you’re going to reel people into your livestreams, but the price and sheer size of many mics might lead you to put off that purchase. Razer is betting that it can make decent mics more accessible, though. It just introduced a Seiren Mini mic that promises “studio grade” sound in a compact shape (6.42 inches tall) for just $50 — less than the cost of a typical new game.

The USB-based Mini isn’t as elaborate as other Seiren mics, but still includes a supercardioid pickup pattern to reduce ambient noise as well as a 14mm condenser capsule to produce “crisp and accurate” sound. There’s also a built-in shock mount to minimize desk vibrations, and a tilting stand to keep the mic in position.