Razer’s latest gaming headsets are designed for Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X and Series S launches are right around the corner, and Razer is determined to capitalize on that by introducing a pair of gaming headsets built with Microsoft’s consoles in mind. The Kaira and Kaira Pro (above) are both “designed for Xbox” and can use the Xbox Wireless format for low-lag audio and voice when paired with the systems. The Pro adds Bluetooth 5.0 to help you connect to PCs, phone and other devices without needing a dongle.

Both headsets share the same 50mm drivers you first saw in the BlackShark V2, promising brighter and clearer sound without sacrificing bass. You can tune the sound for different game types or just to emphasize low-end rumble. Razer expects about 15 hours of listening if you use the Kaira Pro’s Chroma RGB lighting, or 20 hours if you don’t intend to put on a big show.