Rick Ross Slams Tory Lanez For Dropping A New Album Addressing The Megan Thee Stallion Incident

Rick Ross famously got himself into trouble when he claimed he would never sign women to his Maybach Music Group imprint because he’d have to sleep with them a couple of times first. The following day, his team apologized for what he said.

However, Ross recently came to bat for Megan Thee Stallion amid reports that Tory Lanez dropped a new album, DAYSTAR, in which he addressed the foot-shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion.

Ross didn’t like this very much, and in his post, he accused Lanez of trying to capitalize on the controversy and profit from the situation. Ironically, Hot New Hip Hop says Rick was promoting his brand new Belaire champagne at the same time. Rick also appeared to insinuate that it was disrespectful to Breonna Taylor.

He said, “this is out of respect for Breanna Taylor, just out of respect for Breonna Taylor.” Rick said Tory has to respect black women, and the way he went about addressing the allegations against himself wasn’t a good look.

Ironically, Ross has been guilty of hopping on the hype train before, including when he did a song with August Alsina called “Entanglements.” Lanez, on the other hand, is reportedly finding himself in trouble once again for releasing the project.

Additionally, before the rapper dropped the project, Lanez reportedly said he would be talking more about the incident via Instagram Live. The star wrote on his Twitter account that he was sorry to his fans, but he claimed he had time to talk about it later at 9:00 pm.

Fans thought he would be talking about the incident via his Instagram account, however, he released a record on his SoundCloud instead. In the opening track of his new album, Tory appeared to say that people had convinced Megan that he would try to “do her in,” even though she knew deep down inside it wasn’t true.

As it was previously reported, the Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into the allegation earlier in July. However, since then, there haven’t been any updates on what really happened from the police.