Safaree Built A Studio In His And Erica Mena’s New House – See The Video

Safaree built a studio in his and Erica Mena‘s house, and he made sure to show it off for his fans and followers on social media. Check out the clip that he posted.

‘** Swipe left **This is the Before & after for my studio I had built in my house. They see the glitz & glory but never see what it was when you need a vision, so sometimes you gotta use your own!!! Stay motivated,’ Safaree posted.

Someone else said: ‘Nice. Love the floors 😍👌’ and one other follower posted this: ‘Dope u getting it together it’s gonna take time coronavirus out here be careful whom u have in your house and around tour child.’

One fan said: ‘Can’t wait to sit in there with my bottle of patron play the guitar & sing some Christmas carols 😎😎’ and a follower posted this message: ‘@safaree it’s the best thing an artist could do is to get their own studio I did it, and I have been making my best music ever.’

A fan said: ‘Hey maybe you can still build a sound booth on the next side with glass,’ and someone else wrote: ‘I love the floor. It is beautiful!’

A commenter said: ‘I would love you @safaree & @stefflondon on a song together 🔥,’ and someone else posted this: ‘The studio looks amazing and the song is. 🔥’

In other news, Safaree and Erica Mena worked on a great project together, and they have a fitness program that just came out. Both of them have come along way, and they’ve been keeping fans and followers updated on their social media accounts.

Check out Safaree’s recent post in which he’s working out.

Safaree has been working out like crazy this year to get his dream body, and it seems that he definitely succeeded – everyone’s congratulating him these days.