Safaree Floods His IG Account With Pics And Clips From Erica Mena’s Birthday Trip – See The Couple Having Fun On The Beach

Safaree and Erica Mena are on a tropical vacay for Erica’s 33rd birthday. Fans are extremely happy to learn that all is well between these two – you may have learned that there were some breakup rumours floating around the couple a while ago.

Check out some of Safaree’s latest posts from their happy vacay:

Someone was saying ‘Are you Erica getting a divorce? I pray this is just jealous people talking. You look so great together. I’m going to keep y’all in my prayers.’

Another follower who freaked out said: ‘people are tense now. saying you divorced just made some folks sad. then to say nah…its more sad. have a good time.’

Someone said: ‘Next time when you have a problem with your wife, dont take it to social media,’ and one other person said: ‘Erica looks 😍😍 She is Birthday ready…& not pregnant this year. Turn Up Queen 🙌🏾.’

A commenter said: ‘Happy to see my favourite couple still going love you guys.’

One person said: ‘Its ya wife sitting naturally pretty in the back for me 😍’

A follower said: ‘She deserves her credit too cuz she changed a lot u both did!!! Keep each other happy and loved.’

Erica is celebrating her birthday, and she decided to drop a couple of pics on socialmedia that some fans say broke the Internet.