Samsung confirms ‘more accessible’ foldables are in the works for 2021

Roh also confirmed Samsung’s plans to expand its portfolio of foldable devices, which only makes sense considering the company’s momentum in 2020. Back in February — at one of the last in-person launch events of the year — Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip, a clamshell foldable that proved to be more powerful and more affordable than Motorola’s Razr. Then, in September, Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which remedied many of the issues that plagued the first-generation Galaxy Fold and debuted to strong acclaim. Going into 2021, the company is reportedly planning as many as four new foldables — two Z Folds and two Z Flips, naturally — signaling an even more pronounced push to establish these devices as the future of the smartphone.

Samsung has established itself as the early frontrunner in the foldables race, but one thing has kept adoption from ramping up more fully so far: price. Currently, even the least expensive foldable generally costs as much as a premium flagship phone, but that may soon change. Roh specifically noted the company aims to make foldables “more accessible” in 2021, suggesting that Samsung will produce at least one cheaper model to drive growth in the coming months.

While this the first time Samsung has publicly acknowledged these plans, they are — unfortunately — pretty skimpy on the details. We won’t have to wait too much more longer for proper answers, though: Samsung will be holding a virtual keynote as part of CES 2021, and all signs point to a proper (albeit online) Unpacked on the final day of the show.