Samsung will reportedly unveil its Galaxy S21 lineup on January 14th

Samsung’s next Android flagship could be closer than you think. Android Authority has heard from a Samsung store in India that the Galaxy S21 series will be launching globally on January 14th. It will then hit store shelves on January 29th, according to employees that work at the retail space in Bengaluru. These dates match the ones that Android Police reported earlier this week. If accurate, these timings would suggest a strategic shift by Samsung. The company typically announces its Galaxy S phones at an Unpacked event in February, before or during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That trade show has moved to June, however, so it’s possible that Samsung is targeting CES (January 11-14th) instead.

According to Android Authority, the Samsung store in Bengaluru has already launched a pre-ordering system for the Galaxy S21 series, which includes an S21 Plus and S21 Ultra model. Customers can grab a place in line with a Rs 2,000 ($27) deposit, and then decide post-reveal which model they would like. The actual device prices are yet to be revealed.