Scuf’s first gaming headset is as customizable as its controllers

Scuf is expanding beyond its signature customizable gamepads to offer its first headset. The Corsair-owned brand has unveiled the H1, a wired gaming headset based on the Virtuoso with extensive customization for its look and feel. You can choose between black and white base colors, omni- and uni-directional microphones, earpad cover material (hybrid or leather) and Astro-like “speaker tags” (read: earcup covers). Your headset can match your controller if you’re determined to coordinate.

You’ll still get the 50mm drivers that made the Virtuoso sound pleasing to our ears, and you’ll always get a removable universal 3.5mm headphone jack as well as an adjustable leather headband and in-line volume control. It’s billed as a lightweight design that shouldn’t burden your head during hours-long game sessions.