Selena Gomez – Here’s Why Her New Film Role Is So ‘Important’ To Her!

As fans undoubtedly know by now, the singer and actress is set to portray trailblazing mountaineer Silvia Vásquez-Lavado in her upcoming biographical movie and she is apparently really excited to take on this new challenge! One insider report claims to know why this role, in particular, is so important to Selena to the point that she would say it’s a ‘dream come true!’

While Selena Gomez is quite an experienced actress already, given the fact that she’s been acting since she was only a child, she is usually typecast so portraying Silvia Vásquez-Lavado was definitely a new challenge like no other for her.

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Silvia Vásquez-Lavado is the first gay woman to climb the highest mountain on each continent, also dubbed as the Seven Summits and so, playing her in the new biopic was nothing if not an honor for Selena Gomez.

Not to mention that it’s a huge change of pace for her as an actress, which she loved!

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The insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Selena wants to make a turn in her career. She wants to do some more serious roles and roles that are very important for her to share to her fans. Also wants to test herself in her acting and what she produces.’

Not only is she going to play the titular character but the biopic, In the Shadow of the Mountain, is also being produced by her!

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The film is based on the upcoming memoir with the same title.

‘This new role, [though] it’s only in its infancy, is very important to Selena. She feels it will be a catalyst to the next phase of her career and the trajectory she wants to take it. Selena loves making movies. She’s been dying to get back to it. She’s constantly reading scripts and looking at possible projects, and this one [In The Shadow of the Mountain] is an absolute dream come true. The role is going to be so challenging and exciting, and she’ll be portraying a Latina hero. She is very committed to taking on roles that represent her heritage, that’s so important to her,’ the source dished via the same news outlet.