Selena Gomez On Her History With Justin Bieber – ‘That Chapter Is Closed’

During a new interview for Rolling Stone, Selena Gomez got candid about the next chapter in her life. Among other things, the singer mentioned that following the release of her latest album, she really wanted her supporters to understand that this has been a ‘journey’ for her as a person and artist.

Despite all the things that have happened this year, it’s been pretty great for Selena and she would love to continue like this in the future as well.

After all, she’s managed to move on and forward by closing a very tumultuous chapter in her life and that is her relationship and split from Justin Bieber.

As it seems, the songstress has managed to finally come to terms with it properly while in quarantine, focused all on herself.

The album, titled Rare, was released back in January and it’s definitely one of her most raw and vulnerable body of works and part of the reason why is that she had complete freedom over the creative process.

Not only that but Selena’s had control over the release plans as well, choosing to drop the new music when she knew the impact on her fans would be greater.

‘I did not have my team or my A&R or my label in the process a lot. I controlled what was being sent. It was my idea to release ‘Lose You to Love Me‘ and ‘Look at Her Now’ [back-to-back]. [My team was] kind of nervous about it, because they didn’t want to take away from either song. [But] I knew from the get-go that ‘Lose You to Love Me’ was going to be the bigger song, because I just felt it in my heart.’

Selena went on to open up even more about the writing process, saying that she focused on coming up with lyrics that were all ‘about transformation and vulnerability and heartbreak.’

She explained that taking over the whole process and having so much control made her feel empowered and more confident.