Shabana Azmi has the perfect reply to Kangana Ranautâs all claims against Bollywood

Veteran actress Shabana Azmi is an institution in herself, when it comes to acting. The actress is known for her powerhouse performances on screen, and for her zeal to always speak her mind, off it. Shabana Azmi has never minced her words when asked a direct question.

Shabana Azmi Kangana Ranaut

Today Mumbai Mirror interviewed the actress. And the actress spoke about shooting in the pandemic, about the lockdown, about bringing in her 70th birthday in the lockdown… The legend was asked about the witch hunt Bollywood faced recently and about Kangana Ranaut’s claim that she taught feminism to Bollywood. The actress replied.

“Kangana has started believing in her own myth. She says she taught feminism to the film industry, she taught it natio


alism. I’m glad she spelled that out because nobody else had noticed!”

Shabana Azmi Kangana Ranaut

The actress further added, “I think she fears the day when she will no longer be in the headlines and so has to keep making outrageous statements to stay in the news. Poor girl, why doesn’t she just do what she is best at, which is acting.”

Looks like Shabana Azmi has the befitting reply to Kangana’s claims.