Slim Jxmmi Punched His Pregnant Girlfriend In The Face, Knocking Her Front Tooth Out

Unfortunately, more and more news of domestic violence keep coming up in the media, but we cannot turn our backs on them. Now, Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi is a protagonist in the domestic abuse allegations that have been made by his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

A source close to the former couple has told The Shade Room that Slim Jxmmi broke up after he had punched her in the mouth and knocked out her front tooth. The altercation took place when his former girlfriend was four months pregnant.

Now, two months later, the insider said Jxmmi punched Kee in the mouth and not only knocked out her right front tooth, but he also broke the bone in her gums. The report also notes that the rapper has paid for Kee to get veneers and replace the lost tooth.

According to the source, Kee and Jxmmi’s relationship has been going like that for a while. They said that she was “his punching bag.”

IG influencer Myla Rose also spoke up and said that the allegations of abuse against the rapper are true: “Ima just say this. She’s not lying. I was there. Went from ER to ER and they wouldn’t let me stay w her cause of COVID, so we found an emergency dentist.”

Apparently, his father’s death earlier this year may be a reason why Jxmmi was acting like that. Kee has not pressed charges against her ex, afraid of his possible retaliation.

The Shade Room found out that Kee and Jxmmi have separated since the last fight, so Kee is now safe. The source added that she intends on staying away from the rapper and have a peaceful pregnancy.

Now Kee is almost six months pregnant. Neither she nor Jxmmi have officially commented on this story, however, Jxmmi did comment that “this is a lie and you will be hearing from my lawyers.”