SmartThings Find app can track down lost Samsung Galaxy devices

To do that, it uses Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband tech, on top of cellular and WiFi connections. If a device has been offline for 30 minutes, it sends a signal that can be received by other Bluetooth devices, even if they’re not paired. All data is fully encrypted, so only you can see your misplaced device.

Once located, it uses AR with the “Search Nearby” maps function, along with sound to guide you to your device. You’ll see more intense colors when you get close, turning your quest into a literal “cold, warm hotter” game.

The feature is limited to Galaxy devices, unlike Google’s Find My Device. That app can locate any missing Android phone, tablet or Android Wear watch, along with the latest Pixel Buds. Google also recently added indoor maps, helping you track down devices in places like airports, malls, or large buildings.