Sofia Richie Pays The Sweetest Tribute To ‘Soulmate’ Sister Nicole Richie On Her Birthday – Check Out Their Rare Selfie!

On her 39th birthday, Nicole Richie revealed a lot of love from her younger sister, Sofia Richie! The 22 year old model gushed over the actress, even calling her, her ‘soulmate!’

Sofia Richie obviously loves her sister very much and she wanted the whole world to know it on her special day!

That being said, the supermodel took to her IG account to share a super cute pic and dedicated a sweet message to Nicole, who just turned 39 years old!

The photo featuring both Nicole and Sofia was definitely a rare sight for fans which is why they were super excited to see the Richie sisters together.

As for the caption, it reads: ‘Happy birthday to my sis / soulmate / best friend. I love you too much! @nicolerichie.’ Aww…. How sweet!

The mirror selfie was apparently taken somewhere outside and it was just stunning, the two women looking adorable as well!

The unprofessional photoshoot somehow still had them coordinating their outfits, both of the ladies wearing tank tops paired with bottoms that featured crazy prints!

As for their hair, they had it slicked back into ponytails and were wearing little, if any makeup but still looked as pretty as ever!

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Despite the fact that they are very rarely seen posing together for social media pics like this one, there is no doubt that the sisters have a really strong bond, age gap and all!

Now that Sofia is single, following her split from Scott Disick, the sisters actually seem even closer since they get to spend more time together.

Not to mention that, according to a HollywoodLife source, Nicole was not all for her little sister’s relationship with the self-proclaimed Lord.

‘Nicole was concerned when Scott and Sofia first started dating, but she didn’t really think they would last or become as serious as they have. Nicole knows how mature Sofia is and that she can handle herself like an adult, but at the same time she’s also her baby sister and sees her as so young with a bright future ahead of her,’ the source dished.