Sony finally shows the PS5 interface

Messaging, screenshots and video are also faster, Sony said. You can use voice dictation for chat, and messages can even include spoiler warnings if you’re sharing an image that might ruin the game for a friend.

On the home screen, there’s an Explore section that provides a mix of stories from PlayStation, games and the community. Don’t count on seeing it right away, though, as Sony will be testing Explore in the US even as the system launches.

The company also briefly teased the PS5 version of the PlayStation Store, although there wasn’t much to show beyond a “must see” section.

Was it worth the wait? Probably not — while there are some definite upgrades in the PS5 UI, this isn’t a complete reinvention. It’s mainly designed to take advantage of higher-resolution TVs and the speediness of the SSD-based storage. If nothing else, though, this will give you an idea of what to expect when you start your console for the first time.