SSC NA promises a re-run of the Tuatara’s top speed record attempt

Less than two weeks ago, SSC NorthgAmerica announced that its Tuatara has taken over the claim of “fastest production car in the world,” after going over 330 MPH down a seven-mile stretch of Highway 160 in Nevada. It provided video evidence of the effort complete with overlaid data showing the runs and how fast the car is supposedly going, which is where the problems started.

Within a few days, internet sleuths had taken a more careful look at the videos SSC NA provided. They determined that when you line them up with video taken by the existing record holder (Koenigsegg’s Agera) setting a top speed on the same roadway, the Tuatara appears to be going slower between several landmarks. They also checked the math on the known distances of the highway, and estimated what was possible based on the car’s gearing, and called into question whether the information provided was accurate.