SZA Reportedly Unfollowed Drake For Saying They Dated In 2008

SZA has unfollowed Drake, Hot New Hip Hop reported today. The outlet says that the performing artist unfollowed Drake on Instagram after the rapper admitted to dating her back in 2008. During his appearence on 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s new record, Drake made the bombshell revelation.

He said he and SZA dated briefly in 2008. Hot New Hip Hop says social media has been lit up ever since because no one knew they had ever been sleeping together. The rapper says on the song, “Mr. Right Now,” “cause I used to date SZA back in ’08.”

Reportedly, in 2008, Drake would’ve been 22-years-old and SZA was probably around 17 or 18. People on social media are apparently upset about the age difference between them because, in some states, it would make her underage. Drake has been accused of dating underage girls before, as well.

Rather than respond to the new song lyrics, the singer-songwriter chose to unfollow Drake instead. Either way, this wouldn’t be the first time Drake found himself in trouble in the headlines for his songs’ lyrics.

Earlier this year, the Toronto native had to come out and apologize to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott for saying he had multiple Kylie’s. The rapper later said he didn’t want to start any beef with Travis, whom he had a lot of respect for.

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📸 Credit: @rapdirect Drake claims in his new feature with @21savage “Savage Mode” that him and @sza dated back in ‘08. Social media been buzzing ever since some saying he cappin🧢 🧢 🧢 and others pointing out Sza’s age at the time. 👀👀👀 ———————————————————- I don’t doubt the dating claim but the age talk 😬 Let’s do some math here 🤔 Sza B-Day is 11/8/1990 so that would make her 18 and him 22 (10/24/1986)…IF it was on or after her B-Day👀 otherwise it’s her at 17 😬 @champagnepapi gotta be more specific 👀 the cat’s out the bag now😬 Now some say that SZA was actually born in 1989 which would have her at 19 in ‘08 again depending on when they linked up (here these celebs go lying again about their ages Chile I just—-🤦🏽‍♀️) ———————————————————- Either way it goes The way folks tie serious things to drake name still, this verse was not the smartest and side eyes are gonna be a for sure thing 👀 #drake #sza #ovo #explorepage✨ #champagnepapi #savagemode

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21 Savage, on the other hand, was last in a relationship with Amber Rose however that ended right before his run-in with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency. It was later revealed that 21 Savage was actually an illegal immigrant from the United Kingdom.

When ICE picked the rapper up, it was one of the most talked-about events in hip-hop, and social media users had a hey-day with memes and other jokes online. However, since then, it looks like 21 Savage was allowed to stay because he was never deported back to the United Kingdom as was threatened.

Drake is currently gearing up to release his latest album, Certified Lover Boy, but it’s unclear when the record is coming out.