T.I. Impresses Fans With A Throwback Photo – He’s Twinning With His Son, Messiah

T.I. impressed his fans with a throwback photo that he shared on his social media account. You can check it out below and also read the message that he posted as the caption.

‘Sooo this actually a picture of me @douggrandhustle & @beaniesigelsp on da day I had the epiphany to create the title “King Of The South”…. Me & @kawanprather was riding from Lenox otw to @patchwerkstudio to do this rec. #2glock9s for the #Shaft soundtrack. I was lit like a Muuufucka to do a rec wit Beans…’ Tip wrote in the caption.

He continued and said: ‘He was a God Level lyricist & I was the first day appointed self-proclaimed King 👑‼️Fun fact: Doug had just brought me my 44 desert eagle out the car & somehow, a camera popped up on us while I was putting one in the head…. *tries to look natural while concealing that BIG Muuufucka behind my back🤓#LegendaryTimes #Circa99.’

Someone said: ‘I remember smh thinking “This Lil ni66a swears that he’s 6’4”…” 😂😂’

Lots of followers told the rapper that he is twining with his son, Messiah Harris.

A commenter said: ‘@josiah.sills what are you doing on IG while you’re at school🤦🏾‍♂️’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Before I Read The Caption, I Immediately Thought That Was Messiah Lol.’

Another follower said: ‘Scrolling too fast & thought this was your son Messiah. #twins,’ and someone else posted: ‘Your oldest son looks just like you! Especially with this photo!’

A fan wrote: ‘Damnnnn Messiah looks JUST like you..I’ve always thought so, but this pic confirms it. Peace and Love ♥️’ and someone else said: ‘I had to do a double-take I thought it was the oldest son.’

In other news, T.I. teamed up with Lil Duval for some new music, and fans are excited.

Tip posted a short video on his social media account just to offer fans a sneak peek at what they will see.