T.I. Shares A Message About Elections Today – Check It Out Here

T.I. posted a photo that delivers a message about the elections that he says people will have. Check out his post below.

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A follower said: ‘Please stop this third party discussion. It is 9/18/2020 – a vote for anyone else than Biden is a vote for Trump. After we get Trump out, that is the time to strategize as to if a 3rd party is a better option. If it is, we organize and be positioned for 2024. But now is not the time. This post, be intentional or by accident, is voter suppression. If we do not get out and vote, by our lack of action, you are voting for Trump! Rich folks can survive another 4 years of Trump, poor folks cannot.’

The same commenter posted this message: ‘They not shooting rich black folks in their backs 7 times, not kneeling on their necks, not placing hoods across their faces. They have access to covid tests – had it early. America loves the color money green first, white second and pure black is somewhere near the bottom. Don’t take this post to mean to vote 3rd party or not to at all. We need to stay consolidated on this one – PLEASE VOTE Biden/Harris – because your life does depend on it.’

One fan wrote: ‘Trump has appointed almost 190 judges and not one is a Black man or woman. You black men need to think about that.’

Another followe posted: ‘We’re too lazy to learn how to govern our own ppl but we got enough energy to beg for change from a hate group we ALLOW to govern us and receive support from.’

Someone else believes that ‘This picture causes confusion . Im tired of folks trying to talk for us and just causing confusion . I think we as people give people with money way to much credit . Its like just cause you famous and have a mike we just supposed to forget Why the Educated MLK whom dedicated his life to civil rights died for ? Which was only 70 or so yrs ago mind you. Why was he such a threat with voting and equal rights ? This picture and you and cubes angle is why our own people killed Malcom . No education and being led by a Man who has lost his way from having to much money and power!’

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