Tesla raises price of Full Self-Driving mode to $10,000 now that it’s in beta

Elon Musk warned that Tesla would hike the price of Full Self-Driving now that it’s in beta, and he’s being true to his word. The Verge reports Tesla has raised the cost of the package to $10,000 in the US for both new car buyers and upgrades, up $2,000 from before. And that price isn’t guaranteed to stay put — as usual, Tesla warns that the pricing is “likely to increase” as it rolls out new features.

Full Self-Driving, despite the name, doesn’t currently drive the car entirely by itself. You still need to pay attention and sometimes take the wheel. Instead, it unlocks more semi-autonomous features like Auto Lane Change, Autopark and traffic light stops, on top of more familiar perks like Navigate on Autopilot. The ultimate goal is to offer true full autonomy that lets you use your car as a robotaxi.