The Morning After: Our favorite gadgets of 2020

We’re approaching the end of the longest year (in my life), and the Engadget team has taken a look at the gadgets and tech that made their 2020.


This year introduced a lot of us to the concept of working from home all the time, so I’m not shocked to see keyboards and desks feature alongside the latest phones and next-gen consoles. By the way, when do we stop calling the new Xbox and PlayStation ‘next-gen’?

— Mat Smith

Google retired its Home Max smart speakerTypical.

Google Home Max

In 2017, Google launched the Home Max for $399, and while it was a fine speaker that plugged into the Assistant ecosystem, that price was enough to have many of us looking elsewhere. Now, it’s gone as Google has sold remaining units in its store for $180 and is no longer manufacturing the device. If you own one, you can expect support to continue just like it has for the original Google Home, but if you didn’t bite on a sale then something like the newer Nest Audio is an alternative.Continue reading.

iOS 14.3 adds support for AirPods Max and Fitness+The fitness service is now live.

Apple Fitness+

Apple has rolled out iOS 14.3 with support for Fitness+, AirPods Max, App Store privacy labels and much more. The Apple Watch-powered Fitness+ service (priced at $10/month) is now live in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the US. The update also adds support for the new AirPods Max headphones, announced last week.

Those might be the headline features but there are more less-glamorous features, too. Apple now requires developers to submit information on how they handle privacy along with each update or new app, and its new privacy labels are on iOS — if apps have been updated in time. Live, too, is Apple’s ProRaw image format, and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max owners can capture images in the new format and edit those in the Photos app.

On top of that, the Health app’s menstrual cycle tracker offers the option for users to indicate pregnancy, contraceptive use or lactation, while Weather and Siri provide air quality health recommendations at certain levels in the US, UK, Germany, India and Mexico. Phew — it’s a lot for a minor update. Continue reading.

Pornhub removes millions of unverified videosEverything available on the site is now from a verified user or content partner.

So what happened after Mastercard and Visa cut off payments to Pornhub? Overnight, the former tube site removed all unverified videos from its platform — and, according to Vice, the site will start reviewing and verifying that videos meet its “trust and safety policy.” Continue reading.