The original NES Fire Emblem game is coming to the US for the first time

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ Fire Emblem series is pretty well-known here in the US — but the game that started it all back in 1990 has never been available here, until now. Today, Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light is coming to the Switch eShop on December 4th. It’s part of a 30th anniversary celebration of the Fire Emblem series, and the $6 game will only be available to purchase through March 31st, 2021. Nintendo is getting fond of releasing games for only a limited time, and this is the latest one to exhibit that unfortunate restriction.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light originally arrived in Japan for the NES / Famicon in 1990, kicking off the series, but Fire Emblem didn’t make its way to the US until 2003 as a Game Boy Advance title. Depending on who you ask, that was either the sixth or seventh game in the series — the original has never been released here. (The general story was covered in a modernized take for the Nintendo DS, though.) The Switch version coming in December will be fully localized with a proper English language translation, and it’ll also include modern features like rewind, fast-forward and save states.