Throwback: John Abraham cried while selling his first bike

Anyone who knows John Abraham is aware that the actor is a bike fanatic. He loves his bikes and be it taking good care of all of them personally or gaining all the knowledge about what’s best in the market, the man has a keen interest in it all. John has a string of superbikes in his garage but he spoke about his first bike in a throwback interview with a news channel. John was asked to name his first bike, to which he said, “Yamaha RD 350.”

John AbrahamHe then recalled a memory with it and said, “I had bought it from a Parsi guy for Rs. 17,500 and sold it after three years for Rs. 21,000. So, you can imagine how I maintained it when I sold it I started crying. Because I gave my motorcycle away, no one can do it easily. I was really sad.”John Abraham