TikTok avoids another US ban thanks to influencers’ lawsuit

The impending November 12 became the basis of the lawsuit from three popular TikTok stars who sued because a ban would harm their businesses, which rely on TikTok.

“We are deeply moved by the outpouring of support from our creators, who have worked to protect their rights to expression, their careers, and to help small businesses, particularly during the pandemic,” TikTok’s Interim Global Head Vanessa Pappas wrote in a statement. “We stand behind our community as they share their voices. And we are committed to continuing to provide a home for them to do so.”

As The Washington Post notes, the Justice Department could appeal the latest ruling so TikTok isn’t entirely out of the woods just yet. TikTok is also still waiting for its deal with Oracle and Walmart to be finalized, though Trump has voiced support fo0r the move.