TikTok is back in Pakistan following ban due to ‘unlawful content’

It’s not clear just what content is newly off-limits for TikTok users in Pakistan. Officials initially banned the app over “immoral and indecent” material. However, it’s safe to say moderators will have to be more aggressive than they were before.

The response isn’t surprising given the pressures on TikTok. The Pakistan row came not long after India banned TikTok as part of its dispute with China, and just weeks after the company struck a deal with Oracle to keep operating in the US. Large markets have seemingly been under threat for a while, and TikTok likely wasn’t eager to risk losing one more.

Press Release: PTA has restored TikTok services with certain conditions. pic.twitter.com/Zt7bjAmdN4

— PTA (@PTAofficialpk) October 19, 2020