Tory Lanez Praises Celina Powell For Being ‘Real’ In Leaked Phone Call

Tory Lanez recently had a conversation with Celina Powell, however, if he thought it was going to be private, he was obviously mistaken. Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that the notorious socialite, who is mostly known for sleeping with artists and then talking about them afterward, uploaded a post on her account this week featuring a conversation she had with Tory.

At one point in time in their history together, Tory Lanez and Celina didn’t actually get along, however, it looks like they’re doing just fine now.

Celina Powell released a post this week in which she claimed she told Tory to watch out for people in the entertainment industry, even those like Megan Thee Stallion, whom Tory has been accused of shooting in the foot after a party one night.

Hot New Hip Hop says that Celina Powell shared a conversation she had with Tory in which Tory praised her for being a “real n*gga.” Celina added that she didn’t want to start any problems, but she just wanted to know what had happened.

At the end of the conversation, Lanez asked for privacy, but obviously, it didn’t go down that way. Due to Celina’s history, it’s hard to believe Tory honestly thought the conversation would be kept out of the headlines.

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As it was previously reported, Tory Lanez has been in serious trouble ever since it was alleged that he had shot Megan Thee Stallion after a party one night. The incident left Megan in the hospital getting her injuries attended too.

Later, many of Tory’s former friends in the business called him out and people have distanced themselves from him ever since, including the likes of Kehlani and Jojo, among others.

Tory found himself excoriated by the press and celebrities once again when he released his response via a new album on Soundcloud. Tory dropped Daystar, and on the record, he addressed everything that happened directly. People like Rick Ross and others accused him of trying to profit off it, despite the fact he uploaded it for free on his Soundcloud.