Tory Lanez Sued By Man For ‘Beating Him To A Pulp’ In Miami Nightclub In November 2019

Tory Lanez has been sued by a man for a confrontation in a Miami nightclub in 2019, which he claims left him beaten “to a pulp.” TMZ was the first to report this week that Christopher Harty has accused Tory of “beating him to a pulp” while at LIV Nightclub, one of the most popular venues in the city.

The outlet claims the incident started with Tory shouting insults at him, which escalated the situation into a full-blown physical altercation including the rapper throwing punches at his head. The rapper reportedly managed to land one, before his security team got involved and continued where Tory left off.

The outlet claims the lawsuit was filed alongside a five-second video of the incident in question. Harty alleges that he was left with serious injuries to his neck, chest, head, and then bruises and contusions all over his back and body.

Obviously, this is just another problem for Tory Lanez who has been accused of violent altercations more than once this year. As most know, the rapper was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot after they got into an argument in his SUV.

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TORY LANEZ SUED BY MIAMI MAN OVER ALLEGED ASSAULT. Tory Lanez seems to be wallowing in more legal trouble, after allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion and for gun possession. This time, Christopher Harty is suing Tory for beating him up to a pulp while at LIV Night club. In docs obtained by TMZ, Harty says, he was in the club in November 2019 when things went south. He claims Tory started to verbally antagonize him, and that the trash talk eventually escalated to Tory taking a swing at him and landing a punch. He added that Tory’s security detail or crew also joined in … punching, kicking and beating him. The 5-second video that was included in the suit showed a commotion, but it is hard to make out Lanez in the act he is been accused of. So far, there hasn’t been any word from Lanez yet. #itsallYEEEAAH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #YEEEAAHNetwork #YEEEAAHNetworkNews #torylanez #assault #night club #crew #security #beating

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While it was never confirmed by authorities if Tory was the one to shoot Megan, the “Savage” rapper later said it was him. Police booked Tory on gun possession charges but he hasn’t been charged with assault with a deadly weapon since then, despite LA prosecutors’ statement on their intention to do so.

The result of the foot-shooting-controversy led to Tory’s temporary – or perhaps even permanent – blackballing in the music industry. For instance, artists such as Kehlani and JoJo eliminated Tory’s features on some of their tracks.

Moreover, many other performing artists came out to support Megan Thee Stallion either directly or indirectly. Actors did the same thing, including Halle Berry and Michael B. Jordan. Jordan was the first among several actors who publicly supported Megan.

Another rapper to shout out to Megan amid the controversy was Chance The Rapper, who hoped out loud that Megan would get justice for what happened to her.