Toya Johnson Shares A New Video Featuring Her Daughter, Reign Rushing

Toya Johnson shared a new video on her social media account featuring Reign Rushing. Fans are in awe to see this little baby girl.

‘She picks up something new every day. 🤣🤣 I walked in on her asking Jashae….”Why did the duck cross the road??” I was like what did you just say so she repeated it,’ Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘they are not lying when they said only a mother knows what her child says 😂’

A follower posted this: ‘She is too cute. I see you got that the black people cure for illness on the floor😂…I keep Ginger Ale on deck.’

A commenter said: ‘Nope she said to go by grandma nitas I ain’t hear nothing about family,’ and someone else posted: ‘Nah that baby definitely said the duck wanted to go by grandma Nita’s.’

Someone else said: ‘We need more of these videos. They are the cutest.’

One other follower posted this: ‘@toyajohnson in her g nikes with her adorable self 😍😍 she can start quackin like that duck she talking about and I’ll still think she’s everything! Lol. Too cute.’

A follower said: ‘You just have to love Reign. Why did the duck cross the road? I love it. Future Journalist who is ready with her questions.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Toya, I must say you Always have your little daughter so Well Groom ❤️’

One commenter posted this: ‘@toyajohnson she is soo precious. We literally watched her grow up omg and she makes my day.❤️ God bless you and your beautiful fam.’

In other news, Toya Johnson is showing off her amazing figure after she lost some weight, and fans are really fond of her.

You should check out the new pics that she shared on her social media account to see her gorgeous figure.