Toya Johnson Shares A Video Featuring Her Baby Girl Reign Rushing Pretending To Be A ‘Makeup Stylist’

Toya Johnson shared a video in which her baby girl, Reign Rushing is featured. The cutie pie pretends to be a makeup artist as you will see in the clip below.

‘This little girl says she’s a makeup stylist.🤣🤣😩😩It’s her trying to fill the eyebrows in for me.😩 @reign_beaux,’ Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘yesssss REIGN BEAUX BEAT!! OMG she is sooooo beautiful, and her personality is the greatest😘😘 like FRFR ❤️💯’, and a commenter posted this: ‘Beattttt!!!! shawty said I need it cause I’m a makeup artist not for looks! Period rainy poo.’

One other follower posted: ‘Hunieeee those brows are slain! Period !!!!! Add that makeup artist booking in her bio. ♥️♥️♥️’

Someone else said: ‘It’s how she changed her face when she said “ im a makeup stylist”😹’ and a follower posted this message: ‘My ovaries twitching, ima need them to chill🥴🥴.’

One other follower said: ‘She just simply wanna know if she looks cute with the pose.🤣 I love this little girl and her personality.’

A follower said: ‘I thought I wanted a son, but she makes me want a daughter 😘 so cute,’ and someone else posted this: ‘it’s the “I’m a makeup artist” at the end for me.’

A commenter said: ‘She’s so freaking adorable. She can do my makeup! 💄’ and a commenter said: ‘She said I’m a “Makeup Stylist” 😂 That’s my new title… I don’t want to be a makeup artist any more. I’m trying to be different too Reigny! 🙌🏾💗’

In other news, Toya Johnson shared her date night look on her social media account and managed to impress her fans and followers.

She’s rocking an all-black outfit as you will see in the photos.