Trailblazers: Falguni Shane Peacock share vignettes from their inspiring journey in Fashion

Who can ever forget the eye-catching entry of Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex And The City Reboot, all clad in a signature Falguni and Shane creation? The outfit was a clarion call of sorts, heralding the entry of Indian craftsmanship onto foreign shores. Falguni and Shane Peacock have been wonderfully unapologetic about using feathers, prints and sequins in their designs. They’ve married modernism to maximalism and have made converts out of such international celebs as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. Be it runways, concerts, red carpets or even casual chic, their creations are melting hearts and minds globally. The designer duo take their success with a pinch of salt, claiming that they they’ve miles to go before they can rest on their sequined laurels. Over to the dynamic designers as they wax eloquent about their international success…

Falguni Shane and Peacock

When did you realise that, as one of the leading fashion designer-duos, you have quite an international presence that firmer?

When we first showcased in 2004, our entire collection was bought by international retailers like Harrods, Villa Moda, and others. That was the first time we realised that we had an international edge. We then showcased at London Fashion Week, eventually moving to Miami Fashion Week.

At Miami Fashion Week, we realised that the next step should be showcasing at Los Angeles Fashion Week. And then, soon after, we found ourselves on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

What is it about your signature design aesthetics, that you think appeals to stars in India as well as the West?

Falguni Shane Peacock’s vibe is young, cool, edgy, and futuristic. And We, as a brand, love to have fun and experiment with our creations. That resonates with a lot of stars in India and the West.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

What is your thought process for designing for these international celebs?A Jennifer Lopez style would be different from that of Beyonce. How do you go about the creative process of understanding what would suit their larger-than-life persona?

It is important to understand that every person is gifted with a different talent that is unique and sets them apart from the rest. As designers, we believe in bringing out their authentic persona by experimenting and creating outfits that are edgy, young, and futuristic, as well as something that complements their personality and style quotient.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

When it comes to Bollywood, it’s all about high-end fashion and being extravagant on red carpets. Is it the same while designing for international stars—what’s the trend like right now—minimalism or maximalism?

The aspect that defines our brand is going all out and constantly working towards shaping ensembles that are audacious and vibrant. We like to stick to our authentic style, which is maximalist, while designing for Bollywood or any of the international stars.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

What differentiates your designs from other couture brands who’ve designed for international stars?

It’s the feathers, sequins, and prints from the brand’s DNA that differentiate our designs and make us who and what we are.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

Beyonce wore that iconic gold gown for the Wearable Art Gala in March 2018 and then Jennifer Lopez wore two of your other designs at the Billboard Music Awards and the Kiss concert respectively. How different is it to design for something like a LIVE concert and then a red carpet look?

We believe that the design process, be it for the red carpet or a live concert, should be an enjoyable one. We always try to have some fun while bringing the celebrity’s vision to life. We try to see what we can do differently and how close we can get to their imagination of the outfit. And when we get that right, it’s thrilling for us.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

The West is more about gowns and dresses, and in India, there’s ethnic wear too. What are the kinds of challenges you face as creators with such a global presence?

Gone are the days when one could say that ethnic and traditional were the only choices for Indian red carpet looks. It’s all about looking your best, irrespective of what the ensemble is. Be it Indian or international, we try to bring out the celebrity’s authentic personality using our designs and creativity. So, there is no such challenge per se while working with creators across the globe.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

Let’s talk about the iconic lehenga that Carrie Bradshaw wore in And Just Like That. How did it come to be and what was the experience like designing for such an iconic character who is also a fashion icon?

To be honest, this is the first time we did not design for the star. The said lehenga was a part of our campaign Mon Amour Jag Niwas that was released in March 2021. A month or two later, we were told that Sarah Jessica Parker spotted the lehenga and chose to wear it for And Just Like That. We were thrilled to hear that, as she’s truly a fashion icon whose style is impeccable.

Falguni Shane and Peacock

Having designed so many icons already, are there any other names from the West that are still on your wishlist?

Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Meryl Streep, and Julianne Moore are some of the names that are on our list.