Travis Scott Was Reportedly Talked Out Of A Project By Kanye West DJ Drama Claims

Travis Scott was about to start working with DJ Drama on a Gangsta Grillz tape, but Kanye West reportedly intervened, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop said today. During a chat with Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive, DJ Drama said that he nearly had a project come out with Travis Scott but Kanye got in the way.

The project, Days Before Rodeo, was supposed to be released by DJ Drama but Kanye put a stop to it. Genius was the first to report on DJ Drama’s comments in which he said he and Travis Scott were going to work together.

He says that Travis called him up on the phone and told him he wanted to do a tape with him, but after a conversation with Kanye West, he changed his mind. Furthermore, DJ Drama says that Uzi was supposed to release LUV is Rage as a Gangsta Grillz tape.

According to Drama, there were other big names artists who were supposed to work with him as well, including Drake, Gucci Mane, and OutKast. It looks like fans missed out on a number of big projects.

Even though Travis and DJ Drama’s mixtape never came to fruition, Scott hasn’t missed out when working with much bigger brands, including McDonald’s. Fans know the rapper and the fast-food giants just released a new Travis Scott hamburger which reportedly had fans going crazy.

In addition to releasing a new Travis Scott-themed hamburger which includes extra bacon and a side order of fries with barbecue sauce, Travis and the company released a plethora of merchandise to go along with it, including a Chicken McNugget pillow.

As it was previously reported, Travis and McDonalds released a pillow that went for $90. Later, after it sold out, third-party retailers got their hands on it and began selling it for $450. Not everyone has been a fan of the new collab, however.

Alexis Skyy, the Love and Hip Hop star put Travis and his burger on blast on her social media. NLE Choppa also urged his fans to put the hamburgers down and eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead.