Tyga Releases OnlyFans Content On Twitter But Fans Aren’t Pleased – ‘You Ain’t Slick Tyga’

Just a couple of weeks after Chris Evans leaked a picture of his genitalia on the internet, Tyga did the same thing, Page Six reported. According to the outlet, in the early hours of Saturday morning, a picture of the rapper’s privates were leaked onto the social media site.

While most people doubted whether Tyga did it on his own, others suggested he did. For instance, one user claimed the rapper wasn’t attacked by hackers, it’s just that he needed money, and creating an OnlyFans page was the way to do it.

The user finished off their post with the comment, “u ain’t slick, Tyga.” While Tyga’s financial situation is unclear, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many entertainers and artists to look for other ways to make money amid the quarantine lockdowns.

Most concerts, festivals, and performances have been shut down for the year due to quarantine restrictions. Other stars to create OnlyFans pages this year include Bella Thorne, Cardi B, and Blac Chyna, among others.

Regarding Tyga’s leaked photo, some people believe he did it himself to promote his OnlyFans account because he later posted a picture of himself along with multiple women. Reportedly, fans of the rapper can view his OnlyFans account for just $20 per month.

In a September statement, Tyga claimed his OnlyFans account was a way for him to interact with his fans and also talk about his upcoming releases. He said it was also a way for him to show what he’s up to every day.

As it was noted above, Tyga isn’t the only entertainer who has made an OnlyFans account, and many of them have encountered their own fair share of controversy as a result. For instance, Boosie Badazz had his Instagram account deleted after he linked to his OnlyFans page multiple times.

Bella Thorne also came under fire after she boasted about how she made a couple of million dollars in 48 hours. She was later put on blast for false advertising because fans were reportedly led to believe there would be nude pictures.