Uber Reserve guarantees you a ride up to 30 days in advance

Uber will soon start rolling out new ride experience in over 20 US cities that you can use to schedule trips up to 30 days in advance. The ride—hailing service has existing products that give you a way to schedule trips for way before you need one, but it says the new experience called Uber Reserve “helps you meet those moments that call for more assurance.” Say, you need to absolutely make sure that you’re getting a ride to an important doctor’s appointment or to the airport to welcome a loved one home.

A Reserve trip matches you with a driver up front — it will offer the reservation to your Favorite Drivers first — even if you book a month before the date you choose. It also presents you with an exact fare when you book, so you don’t have to wonder who’s picking you up or how much you’ll spend for the ride. Booking through Reserve will give you an additional 15 minutes of waiting time, as well, and an on-time pick-up guarantee. You’ll get $50 in Uber Cash if your ride hasn’t arrived by the time you scheduled, though to enjoy this perk (and all the product’s other perks), you’ll have to make a reservation at least two hours before you need a ride.