Vava’s impressive 4K short-throw laser projector is $850 off at Amazon

Like other ultra-short throw laser projectors, the Vava 4K takes up very little space and is positioned right next to your wall, making installation less complicated than a regular projector. It will also blend in well with most decors, thanks to the attractive, minimalist design. We found it delivers good image quality with decent brightness, and most notably, stellar sound quality.

The drawbacks, as we’ve found with other short-throw models, are the poor native app support, an Android app that could use improvement and slightly loud fan noise. You should also keep in mind that you’ll either need a white wall with a smooth finish (preferably projector-specific paint), or preferably, an ALR (ambient light rejecting) screen. Those can run anywhere from $150-$1,000.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent pick, particularly if you eliminate the app issues with a $50 Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV dongle. And if price was a barrier, you can now pick it up for half the price of a good OLED TV, and get an image over double the size.