Wendy Williams Addresses New Romance Rumors!

There have been speculations that Wendy Williams is currently in a new relationship and they are based on supposed teasers the talk show herself has been giving on social media! This is what a fan mentioned on the latest episode of ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ where Wendy Williams also appeared.

That being said, the star set the record straight on her love life, assuring everyone that she is definitely still single following her divorce.

‘I haven’t been teasing a new man on Instagram,’ she simply stated when Andy Cohen started letting in fan questions.

The pictures that she’s been posting that sparked this rumor she has a new man in her life are actually of some of her friends, she said.

‘When I do find the man man, he will not be on my instagram. That’s one thing I won’t be doing. Andy, it’s lonely out here in these streets, you throw yourself back into work. I’ve got Chit Chat and My Way [Wendy’s pet cats] at home, but I can’t wait to get back to dating and I’m not gonna lie about it, I can’t lie. And, what I won’t do is getting him involved with this show or on Instagram, no, no, no,’ Wendy went on to dish during her virtual appearance on WWHL.

But Wendy Williams’ comments were definitely a surprise for Wendy’s fans who know that on her own talk show she often talks about using that platform as well as others more ot less like it to find herself a new beau.

Even less than week ago, Wendy said on her show that ‘I’m casting my rods in all the waters. This show is my No. 1 dating focus. — Hi boys. So, this show is my No. 1 dating focus. Then after that I like to go out and my eyes are always peeled. I’m always looking around… I would like to be a part of some sort of dating app.’