Wendy Williams’ Fans WanT To Know Why DJ Boof Got Fired As Tasha K Makes Shocking Allegations!

Wendy Williams has her go-to people when it comes to making her show the powerhouse that it is. When she returned on Monday, fans noticed that her main staffers were back — all except DJ Boof.

Weeks before the Wendy Williams Show premiered, DJ Boof took the series out of his bio and unfollowed the show’s Instagram.

This was odd considering that Wendy and Boof were two peas in a pod. He was even at her house when she spent the first few weeks doing Wendy at Home helping her with the technical setup among keeping her company.

Yet, when the series returned — he was replaced by DJ Suss One.

Fans immediately took notice and asked the same question under her Instagram and Youtube videos: Where is DJ Boof.

While it is unknown if he was fired or he quit, there is quite the dramatic reason why he’s no longer spinning records for the talk show.

DJ Boof was on his Instagram Live where he said that he doesn’t have tea to spill, he has coffee. He also insisted that he was a nice guy.

He didn’t say the reason why he’s no longer affiliated with the series but judging by that statement it’s clear that this wasn’t the end.

Many people speculated that he was let go because of the fact that he DJ’s for Nicki Minaj who Wendy notoriously dislikes; however, he’s been the DJ for both of the personalities for years and has never let their feud get in the way of him doing his job.

Youtuber Tasha K took to her platform where she made some serious claims that she received from a source.

She claims that Wendy was inappropriately touching herself in front of staffers after drinking too much. When she sobered up, she allegedly paid off the people present but gave Boof a significantly lower amount and then let him go.

However, when she visited Andy Cohen’s clubhouse, she simply said that she always makes changes around the show.