WhatsApp accuses Apple of double standard on data privacy labels

Facebook has been… less than fond of Apple’s stricter privacy measures, and that extends to messaging services. A WhatsApp spokesperson speaking to Axios claimed that Apple’s soon-to-be-mandatory privacy “nutrition labels” are anti-competitive as they don’t apply to built-in iMessage chats. The messaging giant argued that labels ought to be “consistent” for both first- and third-party apps, and that it was “important” to have comparison opportunities. In other words, it’s worried the WhatsApp labels might scare you away and lead you to use iMessage instead.

The brand isn’t holding its app back, though. It submitted the label information on December 7th, making clear what WhatsApp collects. There aren’t any surprises. WhatsApp needs your phone number and profile info, and is aware of your IP address. It will look at your contacts and payment info if you volunteer them, and it gathers usage data to both improve the service and counter abuse. The service isn’t aware of your exact location, however.