Why theatres wonât be screening films that got released on OTT platforms

Why theatres won’t be screening films that got released on OTT platforms

The coronavirus pandemic was like a punch in the gut to the entertainment industry. A nationwide lockdown was imposed by the government which resulted in theatres being shut down in the country. Through this period, several filmmakers released their films on OTT platforms. While this was the only viable options for producers, this certainly hasn’t gone down too well with theatre owners.

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A prominent multiple chain owner got in touch with a news portal and said, “We’d rather go with older theatrical releases the ones that suffered when Covid19 struck, than the newer ones that were force-streamed on the digital platform by impatient greedy producers who had no confidence in their products. We may place a lifetime ban on producers who took their films to OTT.”

Trade expert Girish Johar explained the conundrum during an interview. He said, “Though initially, they will be very watchful and careful there is an overall feeling of relief, as we return to normalcy. Given the scenario, the multiplexes have rightly taken a stand on neither screening nor releasing OTT films, while they struggle to get the business back on track. The cinemas know, very rightly, that India has a tradition-based entertainment model and cinema, which is spread in length and breadth of the country, is a very popular mass entertainment medium. In no way, the cinemas would want it to be a secondary screen. They would want it to be the first, exclusive & primary screen for new content always. They wouldn’t want to give up their dominant position. So embracing a little more tough times, they are willing to bear some more losses but yet be very clear, in the form of the differential window between theatrical & OTT. I think we need to respect that.” Got it.

theatres films OTT