Yamaha’s THR30IIA is a wireless amp for acoustic guitar players

Yamaha is expanding its THR ‘desktop’ amplifier lineup to add a dedicated model for acoustic guitar players. The new 30-watt THR30IIA features two 3.5-inch speakers and the company’s own D-PRE microphone preamp. It comes with three microphone modes — dynamic, tube and condenser — as well as flat and nylon string settings. It also includes built-in delay and reverb effects, in addition to compression and chorus modifiers. What’s more, Yamaha claims its Extended Stereo Technology makes the amp’s included stereo effects sound more immersive.

Provided you own a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter, you can connect your guitar to the amp wirelessly. Adding to the portability factor is an integrated rechargeable battery. Bluetooth connectivity allows the THR30IIA to double as a stereo speaker, so you’re getting more than just a guitar amp for the price.